Grind for Life 2017

Here’s  run down for 2017 Contests February 11, 2017, New Smyrna, Florida March 11, 2017, Zephyrhills, Florida April 15, 2017, Sarasota, Florida May 6, 2017, Fort Lauderdale, Florida June 10, 2017, Knoxville, Tennessee October 7, 2017, Bradenton, Florida November 4, 2017, Lakeland, Florida November 10, 2017, Tampa, Florida   Organized by the Board’r. We’ll be […]


Military Soldiers Skate in War

STRESSBUSTER – During war, soldiers can be found skateboarding. Army veterans are using skating as a way to combat stress and it’s never more evident than seen in this photograph where US Army members have built a grind box for soldiers to beat on when not fighting the enemy. It’s not only in America, it’s […]


Tony Hawkster Does It Again

WILMINGTON, NC — Youth across the U.S. continue to lead the charge for free, public skateparks in their communities. Skateboarding is now practiced by more than five-million Americans, though it has yet to receive the recognition or level of service afforded more traditional sports. And it’s the skaters themselves who are campaigning to put skateboarding on […]