Tony Hawkster Does It Again

WILMINGTON, NC — Youth across the U.S. continue to lead the charge for free, public skateparks in their communities. Skateboarding is now practiced by more than five-million Americans, though it has yet to receive the recognition or level of service afforded more traditional sports. And it’s the skaters themselves who are campaigning to put skateboarding on […]


FL Skaters Air on TV

Two Florida contest skateboarders made national airways this week when their skating skills opened the doors for an opportunity to be part of a national television commercial for Office Max and Office Depot. The two office supply companies merged last year in a big deal on the New York Stock Exchange. More to come as […]


Seeking Practice Skate Location

UPDATE: Thank you South Florida Skate Parks – FLSK8 received a few generous offers to facilitate our need for a competitive skate environment for our shredders who wanna compete and we want to say thank you! In our original Post, we wrote: – We have a group of EXCELLENT skateboarders who desperately need a location like […]