Military Soldiers Skate in War

military skateboarding, army skater, navy skateboarder, marines skate
military skateboarding, army skater, navy skateboarder, marines skate
A guy in the Army skates during a break in the Iraq war.

STRESSBUSTER – During war, soldiers can be found skateboarding. Army veterans are using skating as a way to combat stress and it’s never more evident than seen in this photograph where US Army members have built a grind box for soldiers to beat on when not fighting the enemy.

It’s not only in America, it’s happening across the world. And skateboarding has a new lover, the media! So much that is has propelled skateboarding with the most ever television commercials.  Organizations are focusing aligning their mission of promoting skateboarding worldwide with ad campaigns designed to capture the attention of the average person and show how skateboarding is beneficial and largely misinterpreted.

One of them is the’ s “Will Crook for Food” promotional campaign designed to get skateboarders to show their compassion and help families in need of food AND help our nation’s military soldiers stricken with financial hardship.

It appears skating is not only fun for skaters but an awesome stress reliever, nurturer of human existence and positive activity and the time has come to embellish that and reach the masses with skateboarding’s powerful messages.

This isn’t the first time miltary skaters are int he news. Theirs also a youth moevment with skaters, the sons of active military personnel in places as cold as Alaska.

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