Tampa AM Winners

EVERYONE. The Top 12 Skaters. Top Three: Dashawn Jordan, Alex Midler, Zion Wright. Everyone wins when S.P.o.T. accomplishes putting on a new one. This year’s Tampa AM place finishers include many of the best skaters in the world in this division. Here’s the results: 1: DASHAWN JORDAN 2: ALEX MIDLER 3: ZION WRIGHT 4: YUTO […]


Military Soldiers Skate in War

STRESSBUSTER – During war, soldiers can be found skateboarding. Army veterans are using skating as a way to combat stress and it’s never more evident than seen in this photograph where US Army members have built a grind box for soldiers to beat on when not fighting the enemy. It’s not only in America, it’s […]


Tony Hawkster Does It Again

WILMINGTON, NC — Youth across the U.S. continue to lead the charge for free, public skateparks in their communities. Skateboarding is now practiced by more than five-million Americans, though it has yet to receive the recognition or level of service afforded more traditional sports. And it’s the skaters themselves who are campaigning to put skateboarding on […]