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When a young man sent us a request recently looking for help getting sponsored, we thought it was a good time to try it out this new section.

Featured herein is our first-ever! featured Sponsor Me Skater, from Venzuela.

sponsor me video skateboarding
Tovar hopes to compete in the United States. He’s looking for a sponsor to help him.

Name & Quick Facts

Bryan Tovar                        
Style: Street & V-e-r-t                   
Start date : 2010            
Aspirations : to represent Venezuela In Another Country!
Most Noted Achievement: Winner of Best Instagram photo DCShoes Mike Mo!
  • Sporting Achievements 4th Place : amateur category Ramps mode . Far skaters School Skatepark Chacao , 2011. 2nd Place: amateur category. Morón Xtremo Carabobo , 2011 1st Place : open category . Parquex 3D mode Ramps , La Union , El Hatillo, 2012 1st Place : Category Ramps amateur mode. Urban Youth Festival , zoopark , Caricuao , Caracas, 2012 1st Place: Ramps amateur category mode. Competition Vacations Extreme Park Chacao 2012 1st Place : Category Open, PRO mode Ramps , skaters Competition Day Barquisimeto La Rosaleda 2014 4th Place : Category Open mode ramps and street. Flip Cup Skatepark Two Roads 1st Place : Category Ramps Open Mode . Skate Cup Parguiro Margarita Beach 2014
skate contestant USA
This sponsor-me-skater-video asks sponsors for help competing in skateboarding contests.
Check Out Bryan Tovar's Sponsor Me Video Recently Posted on YouTube.

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